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The Qualifications Based Process Stands Up To Public Scrutiny

Select the best qualified firm.

  • Establish evaluation criteria
  • Solicit statements of qualifications from interested firms.
  • Develop a short list or 3 to 5 firms. Investigate references, jobs and office. Invite for interview.
  • Interview and rank the firms.

Jointly define scope and contract terms, taking advantage of the experience of the selected firm.

  • Invite the highest-ranked firm to assist in defining the scope of the work.
  • Establish contract terms
  • Agreement? If not, go to the next firm on the short list.

If yes, retain the firm on the basis of an acceptable proposal.

  • Ask for fee proposal
  • Agreement? If not, go to the next firm on the short list.
  • If yes, retain the firm and enter into a written contract.

QBS Product Disclaimer

Nothing in this product is intended or should be intended to prohibit any member of the American Consulting Engineers Council (ACEC) from submitting price quotations at any time during the design professional selection process or to suggest that to do so is unethical, unprofessional or contrary to ACEC policy. Nor should this document be read in any way prohibiting any project owner from requesting such submissions.

ACEC does, however, advocate that public owners voluntarily adopt the qualifications-based approach when not mandated by law to select design professional services. Conversely, private non-governmental owners may wish to consider the QBS process as on means to procure such design professional services.

Any revisions, reviews, or other alterations to this document should be reviewed by ACEC’s General Counsel’s office before being disseminated.

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